Solli Amihod

Working from his adopted home of Montreal, Solli has been making art for the last 35 years. Self taught, he began with a passion for photography, and has been creating ever since.

Whenever Solli travels, his camera is at his side to make sure he can capture the "shot". He loves to work with large format B&W film when he can.

He chases the light, and will go back to the same location just to get the perfect shot. His motto when it comes to being in the field is "perseverance and patience", to capture that ephemeral moment.

Recently, Solli has moved into producing large abstract works on glass, which make use of light and translucency.

He is exploring a more chaotic style with his latest series of epoxy resin and acrylic on glass. Some of his influences are Vasily Kandinsky and Jean Miro.

He also shares his love of creation with others, through various workshops and video tutorials he produces.